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DEMI-Water System

Demineralized Water is water of an extremely high quality. It is produced by means of a physical process, it called a demineralization plant or a deionization plant.
The incoming water passes over a series of ‘resin beds’ which remove mineral ions and other impurities from the water. This is why Demineralized Water is also known as Deionized Water; the process removes minerals and ions leaving water which is de-mineralized or de-ionized. Demineralized water is produced by using Mixed-bed polishing system(MBP) or Two-bed & three train polishing system(2B3T).

This type of water is routinely used for
Utility water for all kinds of plant.
Laboratory applications such as autoclaves and laboratory testing
Automotive cooling systems
‘Lead-acid’ type vehicle batteries
Laser cutting
Steam irons
Cosmetics (where the word ‘aqua’ appears on an ingredients list it often refers to Demineralized Water)
Fine-mist fire-fighting equipment
Aircraft engine cooling systems
The final rinse of car and window washing systems as it leaves no smears