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Injection Quill

Injection Quills are Special Purpose Products, used widely in the Power, Oil & Gas, Offshore, Desalination Industry for Treatment, Mixing, and Neutralizing of Process Products in

  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Petroleum
  • Power and allied industry

Primary purpose of employing injection quills in the process system is to ensure the complete mixing between the two process fluid- between the fluid in the main header pipe and the other being introduced through the quill.

Injection quills provide an easy solution for uniform and complete mixing of process fluids. The quill injects / introduces process fluid at the center of the main header thus ensuring the mixing of process fluids and preventing any channeling effect at the main header pipe side walls.
This method of injection of liquid finds wide applications with a wide range of process fluid as character corrosive, flammable, acids, etc. which easily introduced in the system without the need of consideration of special equipment for handling and mixing.

KOSMO E&T offers superior and reliable injection quills such as :
KOSMO E&T offers superior and reliable injection quills such as :
Non Retrievable Injection Quills
Forged Injection Quills
Injection Quill with Double Block and Bleed Valve
Corrosion Coupons and Access Fittings
KOSMO E&T offers special material injection quills such as :
Duplex/Super Duplex
Any exotic materials demands by customer