liquid sampling systems

liquid sampling systems

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KOSMO E&T is dedicated to supply of facilities and maintenance of power generation, seawater desalination, gas & oil and offshore plant based on SWRO System, Chemical Injection Package, Steam & Water Analysis System and Gas Injection & Monitoring System as a main item.


KOSMO E&T is in partnership with global leading companies related to Instrument & Control, Metering Pump and supplying our own Level Instrument items. Especially, KOSMO E&T is introducing some unique & innovative Pump items.


KOSMO E&T has strong responsibility for our package system to continuously and safely operating under best conditions. Thus KOSMO E&T is trying to do provide technical support and operation & maintenance service work and supervision work till customer satisfied fully.


KOSMO E&T is performing a business in order to meet the needs for the increased order quantity according to increased demands for overseas power generation, seawater desalination, oil & gas and offshore plant on the principle of a complete customer satisfaction and observance of time limit of delivery.


KOSMO E&T is meeting the customer satisfaction rate and improving the product high quality with professional engineers and specialists.


KOSMO E&T is investing R&D in order to develop the new packages and promote the Joint–Venture with the world leading companies who has advanced technologies such as school-work links or integration of overseas technology.